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L-H300 Smart Keypad Lock - Dato AI Home provides the best smart home and IoT devices 2020
L-H300 Smart Keypad Deadbolt, Smartphone app, RFID card, passcode

L-H300 Smart Keypad Deadbolt, Smartphone app, RFID card, passcode

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Password Unlock

The classic physical-button design is prefered by many. Unlock your gate with a numerical password

Smart Phone Unlock

Access the door through your smart phone and unlock it anytime from anywhere.

Mechanical Key Unlock

Do you or someone else prefer a normal key? No problem! The L-H300 supports that as well.


Resist unwelcomed entry, blockade your door with a solid deadbolt.

The DatoHome app gives you total control.

Semiconductor technology powers the fingerprint scanner that is the jewel of this smart home IoT smart lock

With the DatoHome app there's no need to be at home to open you door! (You'll need the DatoHome G2 Gateway to connect through Wifi)

The DatoHome app keeps track of when and what doors was opened in your home in the unlocking-records page

Easily administer access rights to you your family, friends, and neighbours, so they can unlock the lock and get in when they need to.

Outdoor Master

Outdoor Use

The zinc alloy main structure and specialized insulated design, once installed, the L-H300 can withstand various harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Master Use

Users and unlock settings & permissions are managed by the admin from the DatoHome smartphone app With the DatoHome app, you can issue time limited passwords and/or app authorizations for short-term rental (such as AirBnB) without stepping foot on the property.

Smart lock fit for outdoor use - a secure and classic style square smart lock for your IoT home.
The smart lock is easily rechargeable through an emergency mini-usb battery entrance, but poses no threat of hacking!

All-round Robust

Modern Design

Each DATO product is made with both form and function in mind and is guaranteed to add a sense of high-class luxury to any environment with its great design, and high-quality build.

Emergency charge

The internal battery lasts for a year, but can in emergency situations be powered through mini-usb so you don't have to worry about being locked out even if the batteries run out.

What people say


Professional customer service caring support. A must by for those who want Technological locks. The have a wide variety of Phenomenal locks and other technologically geared products.
- Sean D. Patterson


I rent out my house and had my maintenance man installed this for me, but he did it so quickly maybe I could have done it myself. I wanted to have a high-tech look for my customers and something that would be easy to use whenever a guest would come. So far, I have had no problems and only compliments.(...)
- Y. Liu


DatoHome Smart Lock w/ Deadbolt

so what's in the box?

  • DatoHome L-H300 Smart Door Lock
  • Latch Assembly
  • Screw Set
  • 3 Keys
  • Strike Box
  • Strike Plate
  • Single tongue Deadbolt
  • Instruction manual
The L-B400 is a popular DataHome smart lock product intended to make your daily life safer and more convenient through smart IoT technology and fingerprint and app technlogy.

Connect DatoHome Gateway G2

All DatoHome Smart Locks are Bluetooth-enabled for a keyless entry, but require a separate Wi-Fi bridge to enable remote access and voice speaker integrations. Get it here

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