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L-B400 Support

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Please note the difference between the L-B400 2.0 and the L-B400 3.0. The L-B400 2.0 requires you to install insulation sleeves on the two connecting screws, while the L-B400 3.0 does not, and has a wire running through the spindle.

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Installation Tips & Common Mistakes

If you have the LB-400 3.0, do not use insulation sleeves.

  • Check batteries, and ensure correct pole-positions. Ensure sufficient charge.
  • Make sure battery cover is in place
  • Are the handles in the right position? Exterior handle (outside) should have fingerprint scanner facing upwards. Interior (inside) handle should lock-button facing downwards.
  • Ensure internal connecting screws are tensed sufficiently. If you have the L-B400 1.0 and/or 2.0, make sure insulating sleeves covers sufficiently.
  • For the L-B400 1.0 and 2.0, align internal spindle with either L or R (on the front handle) - on the L-B400 3.0, align with "S"
  • For the L-B400 3.0, make sure metal sheet is outside spindle and facing "S" on the exterior handle

Opening the LB400

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