L-B200 Indoor Smart Handle - Dato AI Home provides the best smart home and IoT devices 2020
L-B200 Indoor Smart Handle - Dato AI Home provides the best smart home and IoT devices 2020
L-B200 Indoor Smart Handle - Dato AI Home provides the best smart home and IoT devices 2020
L-B200 Indoor Smart Handle - Dato AI Home provides the best smart home and IoT devices 2020

DATO L-B200 Indoor Smart Door Handle, Keyless Fingerprint Easy Install, Great for Apartments, Airbnb, Homes, Hotels and Offices

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Dato L-B200 Smart Handle

Fingerprint Unlock

Your finger is your key! Register multiple users for seamless fingerprint-unlocking.

Mechanical Key

Do you or someone else prefer a normal key? No problem! The L-B200 supports that as well.

Designated access

Allow up to 40 unqiue fingerprints to unlock the lock, perfect for family homes, small businesses, or VIP entrances.

Scroll down to see more features...


Streamlined unlocking

Unlocking and opening your doors is now a single motion, scanning fingerprints as you grip the door handle. A lightning speed 0.3 seconds is all that is required to open to those authorized to enter!


Clean Design

The modest design of the L-B200 fits into almost any style of door you may have. We offer three variants to pride your door with.

Ergonomic design with inbuilt fingerprint scanner. 
        Unlock your door in a swift one-motion.
The l-b200 smart home lock has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner that improves over time as you use it... 
Easily unlock your door in a single motion as the time passses!


Self-bolstering Fingerprint Technology

Our patented Intelligent design offers a scanner that continuously improves as you use the lock, with machine learning to enhance the success-rate.

DIY focus

The modest outside design of the L-B200 hides a throughoutly designed inside within, that ensures you don't have to deal with wires, or a noisy latch.

Ergonomic design in combination with state of art IoT and AI technology makes this lock one of the best on the market, and for an affordable price

What people say


this has been an amazing tool when it comes to childproofing my home. my kids are 8 and 10 Anne love to explore all of the rooms even though we tell them that not all of them are safe to be in when we're not around. normally they listen but I cant always guarantee that they will. (..).
- Lei Lei, Amazon Customer


(...) I was looking for a way to come in and out of my side gates with ease. Tired of having to carry a key and have to open a lock just to get in and out of my back yard every time! Bought this door handle with finger print recognition and it works fantastic! (...)
- Carlos Angeles, Amazon Customer


DatoHome Smart Handle

so what's in the box?

  • DatoHome L-B200 Smart Handle (front and rear)
  • Pair of mechanical back-up keys and cover pin
  • Pair of rubber door-protection pads
  • 2 Mounting screws
  • 2 Connecting screws
  • Spindle
  • Spike (for spindle)
  • Door Latch & Strike parts
  • 4 Screws for strike plate
  • User & Installation Manual
A door handle wher you don't need no key to open! Use your fingerprint to open this smart lock.

Intallation Tips

Although we boast "easy to install" Here's three things to remember to get the most out of your DatoHome L-B200 Smart Lock.

  1. Spindle hole orientations: Make sure spindle hole is facing straight, aligning horizontally with the latch plane.
  2. Adjust limit-card (important for left handed doors)
  3. For right handed doors, spindle pin must align horizontaly with handle, for left handed doors spindle pin must align vertically with door handle.

See below for measurements. Surely the lock fits your door!

the Dato Home l-b200 IoT smart lock measurements

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