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There's a Child in my Smart Home: Children, Safety, and Technology

 Teaching children how to stay safe can often end up in a grey-zone of parental philosophy. Many first-time parents asks themselves: "which kind of parent am I going to be", or "what kind of person will my child end up as?"
- Will I tell my child that the world is a cold and dangerous place?
- Will I tell my child that the world is a wonderland, and they're safe no matter what?
You may not be that stuck in binaries, but then there's the struggle of getting your point across: Although you articulate it in your super-serious parent-tone, being pragmatic can be difficult - how do we put our words into action?
You're likely not going to dress up as a baddie, or get your friend to do so, scaring the trust out of your children when they find out it was a set-up. I don't recommend that.
Like anything else, good pro-active measures might be the best course of action here, and the foundation of a good upbringing of your child. Getting your child in touch with technology from an early stage, teaching them the ins and outs of the modern tools of the world could be a deciding factor.

After all, iron-age lords did not give their offspring bronze armour for protection as bronze-age chieftains did. So why should your little king or queen be brought up unbeknownst of the tools of the future, and one step behind?

I'd recommend teaching your child of the safety precautions of home and the usage of modern technology through a tangible example.

If you get Smart Home equipment early on, you prepare the youngest members of your household for a ever more digital world, and you get to take control.

Show them how to install a smart lock in your door.
Show them how fast the fingerprint scanner reacts. How did it do that? How come it doesn't open to all fingerprints?
Show them how to connect to, and control a camera. You can make a game out of the intercom module.

Dato Home is a good place to begin. Offering low-price, user-friendly, smart home appliances, this is not an advanced DIY project (you can always do that later) that requires technological expertise. At most, all you need is a screwdriver!

Start off with the C-S200 smart camera or the simple and easy to use L-B200 Smart Lock with fingerprint scan technology.
Best wishes, and take care.

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