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Customer review of the L-B400 Dato Home Smart Lock


We ended up having to get a lock for our pantry as our son has a self-admitted munching problem. He self-sacrificingly and responsibly asked us for something that could keep her out so she was not tempted. That led me to doing some research on various locks and trying to find something that will work for interior doors. Not much was available and it was hard to find something that would not require me to type a code or have my phone with me, or cost me a fortune.
L-B400 installed in a happy home with a happy father. This IoT smart lock from Dato Home was easy to install and proved useful in keeping the son out of the pantry
I found some other similar locks compared to this one but they all had generally bad reviews or were to costly. Some of them were a bit too comprehensive as we were looking for something simple. I landed on this lock after reading the reviews and have now had it in my house for two weeks. I can honestly tell you that it is an awesome lock!

First off, the packaging it arrives in is beautiful. It looks very apple-like with a nice layout and makes me not want to through the box away. :) It makes a good shoe-box though!

Second, installing it was a breeze. It only took me a few minutes to put it on our pantry door. This was super simple and all you need is a screwdriver. It does help to have one extra set of hands to help you hold it all while you screw it in.

The programming of the lock was probably the only confusing part of the whole process, but mainly because I don't like reading instructions! The product does have a voice that tells you what is going on so that helped but was not perfect in letting you know where you are. I was able to figure it out after a little trial and error to get it working. Once it was up and running I was able to get myself, and my wife enrolled to access the pantry.

Next came the big test where we did not tell my son and tried to see if she could get in. The lock was successful at thwarting off her attempts and has kept her out over the past 1.5 weeks. It is doing what we wanted and not being obstructive to us accessing the pantry. It is just like any other fingerprint reader you have to position your finger correctly and not have it damp. Sometimes, even my iPhone has trouble with wet fingers, but not this lock. It has so many ways of unlocking, which is usually not a good thing to say about a lock, but the degree to which you can customize your house is just fantastic! Great lock!


You can find the L-B400 Smart Lock here.

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